About Us

Welcome to JM Foundation. We are one of the most devoted Public Charitable Trusts working in the North-East India. It’s registered under Indian Trusts Act, 1882 in the name and style: JEBUN NESSA & MAHADDES ALI SIDDIQUE FOUNDATION @ J M FOUNDATION with Head Office Address: House No. 20, Vill. Bhograndha, P.O. Gajia, P.S. & Dist. Barpeta, Assam, India. This Foundation is formed in loving memory of our beloved respected parents namely (Late) Musst. Jebun Nessa & Md. Mahaddes Ali Siddique to carry out their charitable wills towards all-round development of destitute section of the society. It’s our privilege to outline herein their brief biography with a view to tribute to their great departed souls.

Musst. Jebun Nessa:

Birth- 1950 (as per self-statement), Death- 21st May, 2021. Her holiness was a kind hearted, Allah-fearing, believer woman, helped poor people with cash or kind to the best of her level, involved in the movement of Women’s Jamat for rendering religious education to illiterate women. Heart of her holiness was always full with charity.

Md. Mahaddes Ali Siddique:

Birth 1st August, 1943 (as per school certificate), Death: 29th June, 2021. His holiness was a Great Teacher, equitable, soft hearted, Allah-fearing, believer man. Greatness of his holiness was in rendering big-hearted religious cum public charity.
We the group of J.M. Foundation are mostly inspired with the philanthropic thoughts and activities of our late parents. Our basic objectives are as follows:
With the above missions we have started our philanthropic journey with a view to contribute little bit towards humanity. We believe in great quote of Al-Quran: “Those who spend in charity will be richly rewarded [Quran: 75:10]. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said- “Charity does not decrease wealth.”
With the above believes, we have started our charitable mission. This Foundation being a non-profit organization is wholly run by public donations, Zakat and Sadkah. For the purpose of fulfilling and carrying out our aforesaid missions we cordially solicit all kind hearted public donations from all sections of the society. We also personally invite your soft hearted helping hand towards humanitarian and charitable causes to the poor needy people. We always value the financial transparency and as such duty bound to publish annual reports at the end of each financial year. Please feel free to contact for any further inquiry. You may also donate any amount as you like to this public charitable trust by clicking the “Donate Now” button below.

An Appeal

This foundation is fully run by public donations. A small donation towards humanity may feed someone who is hungry, may bring smile to someone who is ill, may help in providing scholarship to someone who is a poor meritorious student or may render justice to someone who is victim of criminal offence. We therefore cordially solicit your kind hearted donations as per your will and capacity.