Welcome to JM Foundation. We are one of the most devoted public charitable trusts working in the North East India. We provide or assist in providing educational, medical, legal and other charitable services like offering food, drinking water, cloths etc. to the poor people of the society. We also extend our helping hand towards humanity during natural calamities, pandemics or any disaster while the people are in actual need of such help.

Our Missions

Educational Charities

We provide or help in providing free education to the poor children. We also distribute school uniforms, bags, books, teaching and learning materials etc. to the poor deserving students and provide scholarships to the poor meritorious students for carrying on their study or to prepare competitive examinations.

Medical Charities

We provide or assist in providing free medical treatment to the poor people. We also distribute masks, sanitizer, nutritious foods and other medically suggested materials for general good health of the common people.

Legal Charities:

We also provide free legal service to the poor victims of criminal offences or D-Voters or suspected foreigners who will otherwise be deprived from justice due to poor financial condition.

Other Charities:

We always provide or assist in providing food, drinking water, cloths etc. to the poor people. We also extend our hand to the people who are victims of natural calamities, pandemics, floods, ethnic clash or Govt. evictions etc.

Join Us

We will always be happy to work in co-operation with you. We cordially invite you to join our group for voluntary service to the common people of our society. You may join with us anytime from anywhere as you like. Your joining with us will definitely strengthen our hand and mind to carry on our charitable mission.

Donate Us

This foundation is fully run by public donations. A small donation towards humanity may feed someone who is hungry, may bring smile to someone who is ill, may help in providing scholarship to someone who is a poor meritorious student or may render justice to someone who is victim of criminal offence. We therefore cordially solicit your kind hearted donations as per your will and capacity.

Great Quotes of Charity